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No account or insurance card is required!

MedServRx’s Prescription Savings are available to all MedServRX members.


  • Present your MedServRx Member Advantage Card to any participating pharmacy whenever you fill a prescription from your MedServRX provider.
  • MedServRx leverages its contracting power — and its access to numerous drug-discounting networks — to offer prescription prices among the lowest in your area.


  • You’ll become a member and start saving when you use your card for the first time.
  • You’ll continue saving whenever you use your card to fill prescriptions at participating pharmacies!


Tell your doctor

Or tell a nurse, or staff member, at your MedServRX affiliated physician’s office! MedServRx may be able to help qualify you for additional financial support.


What is the MedServRx Member Advantage Card, and how will it help me save?

The MedServRx Member Advantage Card is a free price comparison tool that helps MedServRX members get the lowest prescription prices at their local pharmacies — for savings of up to 80% or more!

I have existing insurance. Can I still use the card?

Yes! Any patient can use the card, even if you have an existing insurance plan. The discount prices available with our card are often even lower than standard co-pays.

Do I need to register, or create an account?

No! Just present your card at any participating pharmacy. You’ll start saving with your first prescription, and continue saving whenever you use your card to fill eligible prescriptions at participating pharmacies.

No need to set-up an account or remember a password!

Is the card safe to use? Is my personal information protected?

Yes and yes! Participating pharmacies use only the information you’ve already provided them with your prescriptions.

Is there a cost to use the card?

NO! The card is free, and most members find savings up to 80% or more.

Who is eligible to use the card?

Any MedServRX member use the MedServRx card for discounts on their prescriptions.

Can I use the card for discounts on all my prescriptions?

Yes, as long as the card is used at a participating pharmacy.

Can I share my card and member ID with family members and other close contacts?

Yes! We want to help you, your family and your friends save money on your prescriptions.